Monday, February 26, 2007

Bitchin' Badges

About a month ago I received a very exciting parcel from the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity. It contained a box of Rainbow character badges to sell on their behalf to raise money towards my target. Paul, my contact at Rainbow had told me about them on the phone and I hadn't given it much thought. Of course when they arrived and I realised they were gorgeous little pins of Zippy, Bungle, George, or all three in a group-hug, I nearly keeled over with excitement! (If you don't know who I am talking about, you are clearly from overseas, or daft. But if your memory needs jogging, you can look at a fansite or two.)

These badges have turned out to be a real blessing for my fundraising because they just sell themselves - and this gave me an idea. I proclaimed myself to be the 'Pin Pimp' and promptly invited friends, relatives and colleagues etc to become one of my 'Badge Bitches' and sell a box of Rainbow Character Badges on my (and the Rainbow Trust's behalf).
So far I have got through about four boxes. I sold one boxful at the Trash or Treasure and hijacked my friend AJ's birthday one weekend with another boxful. Actually, when hijacking the birthday bash I discovered that drunk people are the most generous! For some reason the George badges weren't all that popular and I got stuck with five of them at the end, but AJ's mate Trez saved the day by giving me a whopping £20 for them, just so that I could retire for the evening (and stop bugging people I guess! ;-) My Mummy has been selling them to her staff and my pal G has got a box, but she keeps forgetting to sell them - although she did help me sell a load at the birthday part and also helped bump up the cost of them by offering a 'pinning-on' service. My hairdressers have also very kindly taken on a box, but the most triumphant Badge Bitch is Suzina, my personal trainer, who sold a box in a matter of days and has already asked for another one!


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