Friday, January 26, 2007


Training has started in earnest, and you know what that means?! No make-up! Oh the horror of it all!

At the moment I am working-out about three times a week and walking twice a week. Its not as hardcore as it sounds though, most of my walks are short brisk ones of about two miles and my work-outs are really just beginners stuff. Mind you, I still hurt a lot of the time despite my gentle start! Who knew there were so many parts of you that could feel pain?!

So really I'm being very brave, and to show just how brave a reformed princess I am, I'm posting the first two pictures of me without my make-up and wearing my hiking gear!

My lovely lilac fleece came from TK Maxx on Wednesday. I actually went in looking for useful things for my new flat like sauce pans and hangers, but when I saw this snuggly thing I remembered G being cross with me that I didn't own a fleece for walking in, and as it was lilac I couldn't resist. My beautiful fuchsia pink, faux-fur, head-band was a gift to myself when I was in Chicago last winter and discovered it is possible to nearly freeze your ears off! So, importantly, I'm not completely sans style - even if my stretching technique could do with improvement!


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