Monday, December 25, 2006


I have set up this blog so that I can record the very exciting journey I am soon to embark upon.

In September I lost my oldest friend: a wonderful woman called Georgina. We grew up together attending ballet, brownies and of course eventually the pub. At times, losing her has felt like losing a part of myself in that the memories we shared are no longer shared, they are now just mine.

After her funeral, I put the picture of her that was on the front of the Order Of Service on my mantle piece and resolved to do some long hard thinking about what on earth my life might now bring me. This was not the only blow I endured in 2006 and I reached an extremely low ebb which left me searching for something positive. I am such an optimistic person, but for the first time in my life my belief in things eventually turning out ok was utterly wiped out.

Soon I started to think about what a positive person Georgie had always been and how she approached everything with the hugest smile and I realised I had to pick myself up somehow and get myself to a better place. I realised the memories are all mine, but so too is the ability to is the ability to touch other peoples' lives in the way she touched mine.

That is when I came up with the idea of doing a charity trek abroad in aid of the charity Georgie's parents chose to benefit from the collection at her funeral. I thought, as Georgie was a very sporty girl and I most certainly am not, that it would be a fitting tribute to her to do something that would be a tremendous physical challenge for me. To be honest, considering my level of fitness, 'tremendous challenge' might be an understatement. Plus, I knew Georgie would find the thought of me spending days in hideous hiking gear and not wearing any makeup absolutely hilarious, so that also made me feel it would be an appropriate thing to do!

After some googling, I discovered the organisation Do It For Charity and found a trek setting off in September 2007 (just after my 30th Birthday) to Machu Picchu in Peru, and signed up!

Next I wrote to Georgie's parents Dave and Angela and told them about my plans. I soon received a letter back wishing me all the best with my challenge and offering me some much need training tips with a cheque attached to set off my fundraising! And after that, I upstaged my father at my folks's firm's work Christmas do by announcing my plans.

And that brings me up to date. Everyone I have told so far have been very excited for me, if not rather amused at the thought of me having to get in shape, let alone eventually camp on Peruvian mountain-sides!


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