Friday, February 16, 2007

Unexpected Generous Sponsors

I haven't really started asking people for donations yet, but a few unexpected ones have come rolling in nonetheless.

Firstly there is my Mummy's cousin Liz (who I guess must read my knitting blog more often than I thought, or else how did she find my donation page? ;-) who sponsored me online for £50. Thanks Liz - and thanks for the Ralgex advice too!

I'd also really like to thank Mick, my plumber, who worked on my new palace before and after Christmas in harsh (read VERY purple) surroundings for a girl who only knew what she didn't want (gold taps for example). Anyway, he just dropped my keys back with a £100 donation which I'm absolutely thrilled about.

Another sweetie is Amanda, a bit of a high-flyer who used work with my Daddy in the 1980s and who always used to seal envelopes with big lipsticky kisses. My Mummy invited her to my Trash or Treasure and instead of attending she chose to send me a cheque for £40. If only all the other people who didn't make it to the T or T had been as generous!

I hope lots more people donate without being asked, it would make all this fundraising a breeze!


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