Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm just back from a great training/girlie trip to Dorset with G. It was filled with hikes, hot baths, cream teas and chances to watch Big Brother without being told off by our boys! - Heaven!

On the first day we did a 12 mile walk split into two halves with a large Sunday roast, pudding, lager shandy's and Pimms in the middle. It was a really hot day, so it was tough going, but all in all I coped!

Here is a picture G took the wonderful countryside we were hiking through. One of the things I'm enjoying about walking is how free it makes you feel; its just so full of possibilities. Now I know how those Free Runners feel! ;-)

Now, here is a particularly unflattering shot of me checking my feet in a preemptive strike against blisters. I have often mentioned my extremely skinny legs, and here is proof, and not just proof of my skinny legs, but, proof of my healthy commitment to a lack of sunbathing! Is it possible to look any whiter than this? Pass the fake tan please! (I must credit G yet again for this photographic masterpiece, although I must credit myself for being non-princessy and post it here for all to see!)

Finally, a wonderful shot taken by G's camera balanced on her bag. It gives you an idea that the hiking wasn't all cream teas, as there were a few hills to climb too, but you can pretty well judge from these grins that it felt VERY good to have climbed them - even better than stuffing our faces!
On the second day we set out to do a slightly longer walk and again split it in two for lunch, but after taking a bunch of wrong turns, discovered we had walked 15 miles by lunch time! We made it to a pub by the skin of our teeth and G made the executive decision that that was enough walking for two days, so we then spent the afternoon reading trashy gossip magazines and rubbing soothing unguents into our calves (me) and bum (G).
It was a great trip!


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