Monday, May 14, 2007

Over Half Way There!

I'm pleased to announce that I have reached the £2.5K point- thanks to Piglottie. I have recently sent off cheques to the Rainbow Trust for £50.00 from yarn auctions (organised by Piglottie) and a whopping £120.50 from her card sales!

What this also means is that I've reached the minimum amount of money required to take part in the trek. To make that clear, you have to raise £2.5K so that the charity is adequately rewarded for supporting you to take part - about half of the amount covers the costs of actually doing the trek, but I raised that through other means! So really, I've reached the half way mark as far as my own target goes, but actually I'm all the way there as far as the trek organisers are concerned so (break out the Champagne) Peru here I come!

(What is even better is that Piglottie isn't finished yet. She continues to produce cards at an amazing rate and has just launched a great range of fairy and sheep cards.)

I'm also working on raffles at the clothes shop I work in. The first draw will be on Saturday 19th and the prizes are
1) a £50 voucher for my hairdressers
2) a £100 pound Fenn, Wright Manson voucher to spent at our store (Jane & Dada, 33 High Street, St Albans).

We will then be doing a raffle monthly (until I head off for Peru) with similar luxury prizes, so hopefully I'll make my £5K target in no time - fingers crossed!!!


At 1:53 PM, Blogger Piglottie said...

Huge congratulations hun - what an achievement (and glad I could help in a little way). You should check out my next yarn auction (in a week or so time). All I'm saying is, you might be off the knitting but you'll love the earrings ;)


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