Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm off!!!

This is a very quick entry to let you know that I'm off on my trek!

It is a cliche to say that the time has gone quickly, but over the last month it has been on fast forward! There has been so much to blog about and so little time to do it! In the picture above I have one of my birthday tiaras, bought for me by my Aunty Fay, which is of course going with me, and a pair hiking socks hand-sequined by Anne, which will also accompany me. As I write this, my total for fundraising is £7,000, but there is more to come in, so fingers crossed I'll make the (new) £8,000 target.

All of this activity has of course been to raise money for the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity, but is has also been to make a fitting tribute to the most outgoing girl I ever had the pleasure of knowing: Georgie Robinson. It has taken me nearly a year, but in that time I've worked as hard as I could to remember Georgie in a special way and to keep her with me. If I could, I would tell her that I'll be thinking of her all the way - now, on my trek, and beyond...and I'd hand her a glass of wine and let her laugh at the vision of me in hiking boots instead of heels!

I promise to catch everyone up with everything when I return and thank people properly for all their kindness and support, but for now, all I need you to do is just wish me luck!