Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fundraising Announcement

I am extremely proud to announce that my good friend Piglottie (who I met through a round of Secret Pal knitters' gift-giving) has generously joined in my fundraising.

Firstly, she and several of her online knitting pals are auctioning off unwanted yarn treats. The auctions are already underway, so if you are a knitter reading this, don't miss out, keep an eye on Piglottie's blog for updates and feel good about feeding your addiction. Secondly, Piglottie has crafted a range of her hand-made greetings cards to sell online. I have been the lucky recipient of a several Piglottie cards in the past and I can vouch for how beautiful they are. As she makes purple ones for me, I usually keep them out (even my Christmas card) permanently (of course my flat is very purple) because they are so pretty to have around. You will again need to keep abreast of Piglottie's blog for info on how to get hold of them, but they are well underway and will be available soon!

I can't thank Piglottie enough for supporting me in this way. The difficult part about fundraising is that it is pretty much a full-time job (if you are daft enough to set a target of £5K that is) and it is quite exhausting keeping on top of a fundraising and training schedule in addition to life's other commitments. So practically its a great help, but its also, more importantly, a great help emotionally. I am of course doing all of this because I want to make sense of losing a friend, and it is tough going, so it means more than I can say when friends show their support by mucking in. Piglottie is a constant source of advice and energy for me and I'm eternally grateful that knitting, the Internet and a mutual understanding of each other's (chocolate) obsessions, (cleaning) compulsions and emotional outlets has brought us together!